Traveling? Packing is the WORST!

The end of a long week is finally here, and you’re leaving for a week long vacation tomorrow at noon! YAY! Oh wait, you have to plan a weeks worth of clothes, and somehow manage to fit it all in one suitcase. Literally how? Packing is the worst! What if you’re going away with your boyfriend and sharing a suitcase? This new reality hit me last year, and I had no idea how to handle it. Does that mean I can’t completely overpack and fill my suitcase to the point of bursting zippers? I know, I know. I don’t even wear half the things I pack, but I like to have options!

Deep breaths ladies. It is actually possible, it just takes a little extra planning and thinking ahead. You need to start with a checklist of everything you need; the essentials. (Don’t go into too much unnecessary detail. Instead of listing every beauty product, just have a check box for: shower stuff, hair stuff, makeup, etc.). Rather than just throwing a bunch of random tank tops and pairs of shorts, actually plan outfits. The thought of planning outfits a week in advance used to give me anxiety. The result of this extra planning step? Cuter outfits while vacationing! I had the time to think about what matches and coordinate jewelry (Mom would be so proud).

packing is the worst
All you need for 2 weeks of travel!

Not only did I master splitting of a normal sized suitcase – I even upped the ante. A little over a year ago, a friend and I traveled to Thailand for 16 days. She told me I couldn’t bring any bags with wheels! I was to be completely and easily portable. My only option? A backpack. Honestly, I didn’t think I could do it. But with my advanced planning, some easy packing techniques and luck – I fit everything I wanted into said backpack!

Some easy packing techniques:

  • Roll everything! Seriously – roll your shorts, dresses, everything
  • Stuff small things (socks, bikini’s, undergarments) into your sneakers. Who cares if these get a little wrinkled?
  • Don’t just pack things because you feel like you “might” need them. Do you really need wedges if you’re backing somewhere? Put them back in the closet…
  • Utilize every single pocket/pound available on your bag
  • Travel size products only!
  • Wear your bulkiest items (sneakers and hoodies)
The photo shows what I was packing, and the backpack it all fit into. Some people don’t believe it’s all in there, but I swear to you – it really is!!
packing is the worst
Everything fit!!

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