Training for a ½ Marathon

In June 2015, I ran the Newport 10 Miler and LOVED it! It was so motivating, and so much fun. At the end of the 10 miles, I still felt amazing, and like I could conquer anything. Flash forward to the present – I am 20 pounds heavier, and completely out of shape. And now I am training for a ½ marathon!

I signed up to run a half marathon in October this year, and I have NO idea how I’m going to make it! I am struggling to find training motivation, since I am so out of shape. Yes, I do realize the training will get me into shape. But how can I feel good about getting my miles in, when I have chub rub?? I am trying really hard not to get discouraged, but honestly? I’m really having a hard time here!

I used to be able to run 10 miles – and honestly, I didn’t struggle at all through that race. Because of that, it is very discouraging to me to be able to only run 2 miles. And the disappointment of how HARD that 2 miles was to complete, really puts me in a very low place mentally.

I have to run 13.1 miles in a little over 7 weeks!! An attempt to give myself motivation – I bought all new running attire and new sneakers. I totally look the part! Now, only if I could actually get out there…

I’m sure so many of  you have stumbled with keeping on track too (I can’t be the only one!) What are some tips/techniques that you have found to help you??


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