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Heartbreak Secrets

Something that people don’t tell you about heartbreak?

Your heart doesn’t just break once. It continually breaks again and again. And just when you think your heart couldn’t possibly be hurt anymore, you get hit again. People say that time heals all wounds. Well, while the initial wound may be healed, the scar that’s left may be worse. And for a while, that scar is a scab that can easily be reopened at the most unsuspecting times, leaving you feeling broken again.

I wish I knew how to navigate this situation. I wish I knew how to heal faster, and heal whole. But the person you were when your heart was initially broken, is never who you are when you come out the on other side. You will never be the same. You will be stronger, wiser, more selective, more realistic, more honest with yourself and others, and harder to get. But you will be an entirely new, hopefully improved, version of who you used to be.

I have found the only way to ‘survive’ heartbreak, is initially to allow yourself to feel the pain you’re experiencing, don’t deny it. It’s there, it’s real, and it’s not going away. Further down the road, and when you are ready, focus only on positivity in life. Don’t think about the past. Don’t think about what could have been. Constantly try to live in the moment. Start your day with a gratitude journal, and jot down 3 things you are grateful for. This exercise will help you see all the good in your life, and free your mind from focusing on the painful challenge you are facing.

The heart never breaks the same way twice, but that doesn’t mean that one heartbreak hurts any less than another. 

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