Social Life


Most people my age can’t wait until Friday so the grind can end! You know that grind? Wake up at the crack of dawn, get your kids ready for school/daycare, commute to work (THE TRAFFIC!!), fight your way through paperwork and non-stop meetings, commute home (FRIDAY AFTERNOON TRAFFIC!!), pickup wound up kids who are ready to play, and the list goes on! All these moms and dads can’t wait for a night on the couch catching up on their DVR’d shows with their significant others, and not wake up to an alarm. Man – I’m tired just thinking about all that! Personally I am just not ready for that lifestyle! I’m not ready to give up experiences and adventures.

Instead of all that busyness, I’m spending my Friday night doing something I have been looking forward to! Have you guys heard the song “closer”? I mean, unless you’re living under a rock, of course you have – it’s literally played everywhere you go. You guessed it, I’m going to see The Chainsmokers tonight! And I can’t wait to dance and sing along to my anthem line “we ain’t ever getting older”!!! Because as of right now, I am never getting older!