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End Hangovers with The Bracelet Method

For those of you like me who are gluten free and cannot drink beer  (or who chose not to drink beer), those mixed drinks can easily sneak up on you, huh?! It happens to the best of us – when you’re three drinks in (or wait, is it actually four? could I have already have five?!) and then all of the sudden you wake up in your own bed in your pajamas. We all think we’re handling our drinks just fine, but that vodka has a real funny way of not hitting you for a while after consuming the actual drink. And by the time the first drink hits you, you might already be on your third drink.  This not only ruins a good Friday or Saturday night (and possibly your friends’ night too), but the hangover also ruins the next day.  No more hangovers!  

I am not sure from who or where I heard of this technique from, or what it is actually called, but I can tell you that it does work! I tried what I am calling “The Bracelet Method” on Saturday night, and it was a complete success! Here’s how it works: you wear X amount of bracelets on your right wrist. The number of bracelets you put on before you go out for the evening, should represent your maximum number of cocktails you should/are going to drink. I selected four of my favorite Alex & Ani bracelets, and headed out for the night. When I ordered my first beverage, I switched one of the bracelets from my right wrist, to my left wrist – and continued this practice for my next 3 cocktails. (remember: pre-gaming drinks count too!)

The Bracelet Method not only kept me in check all night, but it also kept my tab low too. I wasn’t just ordering drinks whenever I found my glass empty. It made me drink slower and more responsibly – imagine that?! My drink limit in this experiment was four drinks, over a six-hour timeframe. I never even felt drunk, but was still out having fun with friends, which is perfect! My experiment worked so well I was able to get up around 8 am! I had a nice breakfast, went for a 3-mile run and continued on with my day. What a nice change from the typical Sundays of sleeping as late as possible, having “breakfast”, watching tv and movies on the couch all day while eating junk food (what a waste of a day and a horrible diet!) I will be using this method from now on.

End Hangovers with The BRACELET METHOD for yourself – and let me know if it worked for you!