Feeling Down? Volunteer for a Charity!

Ever have a day where you feel like this boat? A little lost, a little off course, a little lonely, and kind of stuck on a rock? I was having a pretty downer day last week, and I just wanted to cry – but for no reason. It was just one of those days us girls have, where we don’t feel good enough. But good enough for what? And why are we really sad?  We don’t even know! So how do we make ourselves feel better? *SIGH* But I don’t foresee the problem going away anytime soon for the female gender (and who knows – maybe guys feel this way sometimes too!).

The day after my sad Thursday, I was starting to come back to my normal self. Well, if I’m really honest, I was more just trying to convince myself I was better. My plans for that day? Volunteering at Boston Children’s Hospital. I had never volunteered for anything before, and I had signed up for this a couple of weeks prior. While I wasn’t truly in the mood for it – it’s a pretty bad look to no-show for a charity!

Let me tell you – I stumbled across an all natural remedy for curing your “blue days”. I cannot tell you how much better I felt not only just attending the charity event, but participating in something that is so amazing! The volunteer opportunity was a radiothon, and I was one of many answering phones and take donations from the generous people calling in. However, listening to the families who had come in to publicly speak about their very true, real life hardships and the illnesses their children are battling, was incredibly eye-opening and inspiring. I was absolutely amazed at the positivity of all the parents, and the strength that these children have, is something I don’t even have words for.

I had a wonderful experience being part of something so much bigger than myself, and am really looking forward to participating as a volunteer again. This made me also realize that you don’t have to donate money to help a cause. If you can’t afford to make a charitable donation – no problem! You can donate your time, which I guarantee you, will make you feel much better than donating that extra $20 you have in your wallet. You will take the volunteer experience with you, and it is a really great feeling.


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  1. A dose of reality is sure to cure an unexplained case of the blues. In any case it’s truly a prescription we can ALL afford and at the very least a supplement for inner healing.

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